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Our driving school offers diverse services to our alumni, with our help you will get your license in no time.

Driving Lessons

Before you get behind a wheel, you need to study and learn driving regulations and laws. Our school features one of the best instructors in this field, who will be able to teach you and help you overcome the practical exam. With us, you will know the difference.

In Car Driving Lessons

With the help of our instructors you will be provided with a complete training, which will ensure you to become a professional driver. Our driving lessons include 47 in – drive classes, which is more than enough to learn all safety and traffic regulations.

Parents Involvement

Considering that most of our attendants are teenagers, we tend to involve parents in this entire process. In this case, both parties are more relaxed knowing the step by step procedure. After each class, parents will get our feedback and recommendations on how they can help their kids.

Traffic Laws And The Rules Of The Road

UK traffic laws and regulations are specific, mostly because drivers use the left – hand side of the road.

Based on the British codes, there is no priority when it comes to the right of the left on the road, unlike in many other countries.

There is also a slight difference in signs, triangular one with red border indicate a warning, circles with a red border are prohibitive and blue circles without red border are mostly positive instructions.

Our Driving Courses


The primary intention of our driving courses is to help attendants become reliable and secure drivers on the road. When it comes to driving, the safety is one of the most important things, considering the number of traffic accidents that happen every day. Our driving courses are specially designed to help beginners and teach them how to drive. You have an option to choose between several memberships, based on your skills.

Our Driving Packages


Our driving school offers various packages, based on your experience and skills. The 30 hourly lessons cost £870, and they are designed for people who have some driving experience. 34 hourly lessons cost £990 and people who know the basic regulations on the road should apply, and 38 hourly lessons are for beginners and attendants who don’t have any driving experience and they cost £1150. Additional classes will be charged with £29.

Our Instructors

Mike Delong

Mike has been with us for the last 15 years, and he is one of the most popular instructors in our school. Students just love his work and his methods, and if you want to have driving lessons with Mike, then you will have to book your appointment months ahead.

Jody Trumble

As well as Mike, Jody has become one of our most popular driving instructors. Students love her classes because she is always peaceful and explains everything in details. With her teaching techniques, you will pass your driving test in no time, so don’t worry, you are in the right hands.

Susan Whorton

Susan provides individual classes for drivers who have a driving license, but have lost their driving routine, due to a lack of driving. Many people pass their driving exam but don’t start driving right away. Susan is the one which provides additional classes and helps them get back their driving skills.

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